Polar Flight 90 - The Polar Pumpkin's Journey to the North Pole


Help Support Polar Flight 90 2013




Our efforts to deploy the Polar Pumpkin to survey the ice of the Arctic during a flight to the North Pole have inspired aid and assistance from a wide variety of private individuals and non-profit organizations. Current help, without which none of this work could proceed, has come from:

It has been my pleasure to proudly display the names of Expedition Partners on the underside of the Polar Pumpkin wings. Once again, those additional individuals or institutions that wish to support Polar Flight 90, in 2013, will - if they wish - have their names or stickers added on the Polar Pumpkin.

Supporters of the Polar Pumpkin - Polar Flight 90

Cessna Corporation - Wichita, Kansas

Auto Trim Design - Fairbanks, Alaska

Mary Feay - Naperville, Illinois

Tatonduk Outfitters - Fairbanks, Alaska

Concorde Batteries - West Covina, California

The Omega Foundation - California

The International Polar Foundation - Brussels

Col. James Pritzker - Chicago, Illinois

Radio Ranch - Rock Falls, Illinois

Electronics International - Bend, Oregon

Mr. Dick Smith - Sydney, Australia

Everts Air Fuel - Fairbanks, Alaska

Dr. Birgit Sattler - University of Innsbruck, Austria

Dick, Sue, Richard, and Nika Packer at 5E9, Packer Airport near Columbus, Ohio

Dan and Jonlyn Weinstein, Jamestown, New York

The Roger Tory Peterson Institute, Jamestown, New York

Dave Crispell, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Andover Flight/Bush Flying, Andover New Jersey

Ron Rost, Waco - Richmond, Virginia

Dr. Ed. Williams - Roanoke, Virginia

The Hall Family - Roanoke, Virginia

The Robert Mortvedt family - Roanoke, Virginia

Randy and Nancy Cook - Bristol, Tennessee

Mary Needham and family - Raleigh, North Carolina

Mike Ciochetti and family - Heavens Landing - near Clayton, Georgia

Tawani Team Colleagues - Alabama

Pilots and staff at Moontown Airfield - Alabama - "The Best in Aviation!"

United Financial - Mr. Bill Gruber - Chicago, Illinois

Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc. - New York, New York

The Geographical Society of Philadelphia

Tanis Aircraft Services - Glenwood, Minnesota

Chena Marina Air Service - Fairbanks, Alaska

Chuck and Shirley Nelson - Hackensack, Minnesota

Hudson Farm - Andover, New Jersey

Peter and Cynthia Kellogg Foundation - New York, New York (Peter Kellogg and the Hudson Farm have again offered support of Polar Flight 90 in 2012.)

William Vartorella - Camden, South Carolina

Turtle Pac Tanks - Currumbin, Australia

Ranjit and Sarojini Laha - Jamestown, New York

Rebecca and James McCray - Glenwood, New York

Bob and Dorette Dunham - Reading, Pennsylvania

Sandra Cadwalader - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sandston Rotary Club - Richmond, Virginia

James and Donna Foege - Richmond, Virginia

Jerry and Deborah Smith - Richmond, Virginia

Leendert and Anna van Eijk - Denver, North Carolina

Janet Clegler - West Columbia, South Carolina

Captain Joel Fogel - Somers Point, New Jersey

Mike and Cynthia Jones - Denver, North Carolina

Roger and Ellen Holtman - Salem, Virginia

Richard Cordsen - Bronxville, New York

Ted and Renee Jula - Arlington, Massachusetts

John Hodge - Columbia, South Carolina

Michael Paris - Keller, Texas

James Frankard - Winona, Minnesota

Bruce Meidinger - Bismarck, North Dakota

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