Polar Flight 90 - The Polar Pumpkin's Journey to the North Pole


The Flight of the Polar Pumpkin continues! Follow Art Mortvedt and the Polar Pumpkin's 2013 solo journey to the North Pole.


Lecture Schedule
Art's updated lecture schedule for 2010.

Our efforts to deploy the Polar Pumpkin to survey the ice of the Arctic during a flight to the North Pole have inspired aid and assistance from a wide variety of private individuals and non-profit organizations.

Alaska Report
Art Mortvedt, Alaskan Bush Pilot, reports from the remote parts of Alaska that he calls home.

Flight Log
The flight and travel log as Art and the Polar Pumpkin tour the US.

The Polar Pumpkin Cessna 185 - on its science based flight to the North Pole in April - was preceded by other Cessnas and aviation pioneers in the quest for good Polar Science - knowledge that we now realize to be critical in the health and welfare of us all.

Sparkling Science
Polar Flight 90 will be working with "Sparkling Science", a research program of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research promoting young scientists.

Contact - Contact Art Mortvedt for speaking opportunities and more information about Polar Flight 90 for L.I.F.E.

Links - Websites of interest to aviation and polar expeditions.

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