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2013 Flight of the Polar Pumpkin - Success!

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Fairbanks Alaska

MAY 5, 2013
Fairbanks, Alaska

"So it was now time to Park the Polar Pumpkin. I taxied across the Fairbanks International Airport to my parking spot - from whence I departed on March 20 - and completed the "North" portion of Polar Flight 90 - flying the Polar Pumpkin from Fairbanks to the North Pole and safe return. Thereby is the successful culmination of Polar Flight 90 - the flight of the same single engine "Polar Pumpkin" Cessna 185 to both the Geographic South Pole and the Geographic North Pole."

Article at Explorersweb

ExWeb interview with Art Mortvedt, flying the Polar Pumpkin to the South Pole and North Pole
Correne Coetzer
Posted: May 14, 2013 08:18 am EDT


The Alaska Dispatch article about Polarflight90


Alaska bush pilot makes history, enriches science with expeditions over both poles
Colleen Mondor
May 13, 2013


 KUAC.orgAlaskan Pilot Succeeds at Flying Single-engine Cessna to Both North, South Poles

KUAC, May 2, 2013

Read the article or listen to the story at fm.KUAC.org

 Article about Polarflight 90 on the Fairbanks Daily News MinerAlaska pilot Art Mortvedt reaches both North and South poles in same Cessna 185

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Read the article online

Latest "
Alaska Report" 

"Springtime for many bush dwellers (remote area residents) - with longer days and better weather - means beaver trapping, hunting caribou for fresh meat, hauling wood for next winter, and traveling to visit friends and neighbors. Spring Carnivals will soon come up - with competitions of snowshoe racing, local dog sled racing, and many other fun activities. A Springtime feast or "potlatch" - featuring moose soup, smoked salmon, "Agutuk" (Eskimo Ice Cream), "Muktuk" (whale skin with blubber), and many other delicacies, are enjoyed by many." Read More...

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 About Polar Flight 90

Polar Flight 90 to the North Pole


  • Solo flight to the Geographic North Pole in Cessna 185 N90SN - North 90 South to North.


  • Art Mortvedt, Alaskan Bush Pilot, with 5,000 hours flight experience, 20+ expeditions to Antarctica, and 6 seasons of scientific logistics in the North Polar ice pack.


  • From Alaska, through the Canadian Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territory, and the province of Nunavut to the North Pole & return.


  • To demonstrate the applicability, practicality, and economy of ski equipped single engine aircraft to Polar Science.
  • To land the same Cessna 185, N90SN, at both Poles (South Pole Nov. 22, 1999).
  • To honor the historical contributions of single engine aircraft to Polar Science.
  • To determine and document effects of Global Warming and Climate Change.
  • To clarify the critical importance of Polar Regions to science and the health of our planet.


  • April, 2013



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